Bungalow Tassel Pillow Cover - Thailand

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Imagine this smooth pillow on your sofa or on your bed and feel the sensation of being relaxed, calmed until you fall asleep on it! The Bungalow Tassel Pillow Cover is the perfect partner-in-crime that's waiting for you after work. It's white with a hidded zipper of the same color behind it and has those colorful and ornamental tassels which combine with any environment.

We are proud to tell you that this is a fairly traded product and it's handcrafted by talented artisans from Thailand.



* Measures 18" x 18" so it fits perfectly on your sofa, on the bed or on that armchair you used to sit when you're going to watch your favorite movie.

* Handmade by talented artisans in Thailand.

* A Fair Trade product.