5 Reasons To Shop Fair Trade

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1. Good Karma 

There's nothing more fulfilling in our opinion than helping others. Fair trade allows you to purchase items you love while supporting artisans at the same time. We are avid supporters of the #goodkarma movement, it’s even on our logo!  Everything we do as a business begs the question, “How would this decision affect our artisans and the planet?" If the answer is negatively, then we don't go down that route. Above running a business, our mission is to make a positive impact on our artisan partners' lives, society, and the planet.


2. Vote With Your Dollars

"Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”. Anna Lappe said this and nothing could ring more true to fair fair trade principles and how you can be so involved. Supporting fair trade casts a vote for a more empowered world filled with opportunities, hope, and love.


3. Stand Out 

The beauty of shopping fair trade is that many of the items are one-of-a-kind and there won't be anything like them in traditional shops. Not only will you be the proud owner of a piece no one else in the world will own but it will also make you stand out amongst the crowd.


4. Shop the world

Traveling the world isn't always an option when you're looking for your next bag or statement jewelry piece. We do the traveling for you and allow you to shop the world without having to get on a plane for 10+ hours.


5. Cultural Awareness 

Fair trade items each come with a story. Whether you fall in love with our Batik printed pillows from Northern Thailand that are made by an incredible hand dyeing process or a beaded bracelet from a tiny village in Guatemala, fair trade offers a unique opportunity to learn more about cultures you may otherwise never know about.


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