5 Pieces You Need In Your Collection This Summer

There's a few staples every fashionable woman needs in her collection. These are our must-haves:

1. A pair of bright, fun earrings

We love our Pom Pom Earrings that are handmade in Northern Thailand.


If you like to stick to a solid color, we are currently obsessed with the Heather Earrings. They come in 6 colors, one of which is an incredible turquoise blue. You can take a look at the turquoise ones here.


2. The ultimate bag for all summer adventures

This bag is a MUST. It's called the Bikini Bag for a reason. Lined with plastic on the inside, it is the perfect bag for beach days. It's time to stop using plastic grocery bags to store your bikini after the beach.

Plus the Bikini Bag is made by upcycling a traditional Guatemalan garment called a huipil so not only is it useful, it's also sustainable. Win win.


It also doubles are a leak-proof makeup bag.

 3. A reusable straw kit

It's 2019 and it's time to take responsibility for our carbon footprint and make some changes. Switching out plastic straws for a reusable metal one is the easiest way to make an eco-friendly lifestyle change. We made it our mission to help you make the switch in the easiest (and most fashionable) way so we created these Reusable Straw Kits made out of footloom fabrics in Guatemala.


4. A roomy tote

Let's be honest- summer and tiny bags just don't pair well together. You need to carry your usual essentials plus a beach/picnic/impromptu date blanket (this one is amazing), a water bottle, and whatever else you need for your daily adventures.

The Frida Tote is also a summer favorite.


5. Friendship bracelets

Mixing metals and colorful string bracelets is so in this summer. Try pairing a friendship bracelet or the Erica bracelet with your gold bracelets for a cool twist.



See all the new pieces we've added to the collection here.

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