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In the heart of Mexico, where tradition meets modernity, Erika stands as a beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship. Her journey with Lumily is a story of passion, heritage, and dreams turned into reality. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Erika, the remarkable artisan responsible for our stunning amber collection.




A Legacy of Craftsmanship

From a young age, Erika was immersed in the world of artisanal craft. Under the watchful eye of her grandmother, she learned the delicate art of working with amber—a craft passed down through generations in her family. It was these early experiences, surrounded by the warmth of her family and the rich tradition of her heritage, that ignited Erika’s love for creating.

Mastering the Art of Amber

Erika’s dedication to her craft is evident in every piece of jewelry she creates. Amber, known for its captivating warmth and natural beauty, is not just a stone to Erika—it’s a medium through which she tells stories. Each piece of amber is carefully selected, shaped, and polished to reveal its unique qualities and colors. The process is meticulous and reflective of Erika’s commitment to excellence and her respect for the material's ancient origins.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

What sets Erika apart is not just her skill as an artisan but her vision as an entrepreneur. She has transformed her passion for amber into a thriving business that not only showcases her craftsmanship but also supports her community. Erika’s work with Lumily has helped to elevate her creations to a global audience, sharing a piece of her culture with the world while fostering economic opportunities at home.

More Than Just Jewelry

When you choose a piece from Erika’s amber collection, you are not just buying jewelry. You are supporting a dream and a legacy. You are holding a piece of history, crafted with love and deep cultural pride. Erika’s creations are a bridge between the past and the present, a celebration of heritage through the lens of contemporary design.

Join Us in Celebrating Erika’s Artistry

We invite you to explore Erika’s amber collection and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece for yourself. By supporting Erika, you contribute to sustaining artisan crafts and empowering entrepreneurs like her. Discover the full range of Erika’s amber jewelry here and bring home a piece of art that carries the essence of tradition and the spirit of innovation. Erika's journey is a reminder of the power of passion and the impact of supporting artisan entrepreneurs. At Lumily, we are proud to partner with artisans like Erika who are not only preserving traditional crafts but are also paving the way for future generations. 


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