Top 20 Wholesale Best Sellers from Faire Winter Market 2023

Check out our best sellers from this year's Faire Winter Market, all in one convenient spot! These are the top 20 items that our customers loved the most, from beautiful jewelry to cozy home decor. Whether you're looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself, you're sure to find something you'll love. Don't miss out on these customer favorites, shop now and see why they're so popular!


1-Loose Whimsical Worry Dolls - Guatemala

2-Worry Doll Crochet Pouch with Four Dolls - Guatemala

3-Friendship Woven Ring - Mexico

4-Embroidered Love Tassel Keychain - Mexico

5-Rapture Embroidered Heart Key Chain / Zipper Pull - Mexico

6-Frida Kahlo Felted Wool Embroidered Ornament 

7-Upcycled Huipil Luggage Tag - Guatemala

8-Corazon Heart Embroidered Valentine's Day Ornament 

9-Macrame Woven Heart Wings Pull String Bracelet - Mexico

10-Moon Crochet Coin Purse - Guatemala

11-Worry Doll Key Chain - Guatemala

12-Erika Friendship Leather Key Chain - Mexico

13-Love Heart Embroidered Felted Wool Ornament - Mexico

14-Crochet Multicolor Coin Purse - Guatemala

15-Sugar Skull Embroidered Felted Wool Ornament - Mexico

16-Friendship Woven Boho String Bracelet (4 Sizes) - Mexico

17-Thrive Friendship Bracelet - Guatemala


18-Hearts Pom Pom Zipper Pull Backpack Bag Charm - Thailand

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