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Bundle 3

Great Bundle on Sale!! 

All three items are included and each have a unique look. 

Beautifully handwoven seagrass with intricate geometric patterns. Handmade by hmong hill tribe artisans in Thailand. These are a gorgeous fair trade item to add to your wardrobe!

Complete with 9 different pocket options inside! What a lovely boho, earthy look!

- 6" length
- 4" tall
- pom pom zipper
- fully lined


This beautiful clutch was created by our artisan partners in Mexico. The create word was hand-embroidered with pretty light blue string and cute matching pom pom is on the zipper.

- 10" long x 6" tall
- Lined inside
- One-of-a-kind
- Handmade


This colorful pouch is made using tiny glass beads. Handmade in Guatemala each is unique and vibrant. It is one-of-a-kind and lined inside.

- Length 4.5"
- Height 3"
- Handmade