Worry Doll Basket Display with Worry Dolls

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Worry Doll Display Case is FREE with an order of 75 Worry dolls or MORE.  https://shoplumily.com/worry-dolls-guatemala/

Case is made of wood with a description of the folk tale about worry dolls and decorated with 4 sample dolls. 


Handmade and Fair Trade, these whimsical Worry Dolls are a classic children's toy from Guatemala! Nestled inside a brightly crochet bag are four 2" tall dolls, with colorful clothes and faces. According to Mayan legend, tell one worry to each doll when you go to bed at night and then place the dolls under your pillow. In the morning the dolls have taken your worries away! 

* 11.5 L x 6.5 W x 8 H

* Handcrafted in the USA