From Mine to Masterpiece: The Making of Amber

Nestled in the verdant highlands of southern Mexico, the journey of our Mexican amber begins. This remarkable gemstone, formed from the fossilized resin of ancient trees, encapsulates millions of years of history in its warm, honeyed hues. Each unique piece reflects its own story of time and transformation.

Amber Mines

Photo by Atlas Obscura

The mining process in Chiapas, where these natural treasures lie, is steeped in tradition and respect for the earth. Artisans, deeply connected to their land, venture into the hills and carefully excavate the amber by hand. This initial step is crucial, as it requires a keen eye and a gentle touch to preserve the integrity of each amber piece as it's coaxed from its ancient resting place.

Once unearthed, the raw amber embarks on its next phase of transformation. This is where we introduce Erika, the force behind our amber collection and a powerful artisan entrepreneur. Erika learned her craft from her grandmother, who passed down not only skills but a profound appreciation for the art of amber creation. In her skilled hands, and those of her team, the journey of each piece continues.

Raw Amber
In Erika’s workshop, the raw amber is cleaned, sorted, and then masterfully shaped and polished using techniques that have been honed over generations. Her passion for her craft is evident in how she brings out the best in each piece, turning what was once a piece of tree resin into a stunning piece of jewelry that radiates with beauty and history.

The crafting of Mexican amber jewelry is not only a testament to the artisans' skill but also a significant source of livelihood for many families in the region. By supporting fair trade and working with skilled artisans like Erika, we help preserve these traditional techniques and ensure that the community benefits from every piece sold.

Every time you choose a piece from our collection, you're not just buying jewelry. You're supporting a rich cultural heritage and the artisans who continue to make it thrive. You're carrying a piece of the earth's history, crafted into a modern masterpiece that you can wear with pride.

This is the essence of our amber collection at Lumily—where every piece tells a deeper story of earth, art, and the enduring spirit of the people who bring it to life.

Amber Dangly Earrings

So the next time you wear a piece of Mexican amber jewelry, remember the journey it took to get to you - from the hills of Chiapas, to the skilled hands of artisans like Erika, to the final beautiful product you wear with pride.

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