Celebrate Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos literally means day of the dead. It sounds morbid, but if you learn more about the tradition, you will find that the idea behind it is very beautiful. Just imagine, every year on November 1st and 2nd, a big party throughout the whole country happens, where everyone, including loved ones who are no longer alive, are invited.

The entire holiday centers around remembering and honoring those that have passed. Have you seen the Disney movie Coco? (if you haven't you really should watch it ASAP) you probably understand some of the thoughts and traditions behind the holiday. 

The festival is very important for latino people because we believe that you will live on after death as long as you are remembered by the living. To continue to remember our loved ones, we build “altars” in our homes, schools, or even workplaces, where we honor the lives of those who have passed by putting their favorite things in there, like their favorite food or drink, next to some other traditional items like flowers and candles.

It is believed that during these special days, deceased loved ones come back to visit. They hang out, eat and drink the offerings you left for them. During the holiday, family members honor their lost loved ones by cleaning up gravesites, playing music, and telling their favorite stories.

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