How to Vote with Your Dollar

Hey fellow world changer!  We are so glad you're here.  There's a buzz in the air and it's all about the current election and votes.  So we wanted to remind you that there's another vote that you cast daily...with your dollars.

The timing is perfectly aligned with what’s important to us right now: voting for the future we want to exist. And with purchases, we vote much more often than every election cycle.

This isn’t a call to spend - it’s a call to think about your spending

Where you spend and invest your money is a powerful way of voting each day to support local communities, fair wages, and a healthy planet.  Each dollar you spend is a vote for a fair living wage that supports long term relationships with our artisan partners.

Here are our tips for feeling good about not just the great thing you got, but the businesses you support as you Vote With Your Dollars. 

  • Every time you buy fair trade, you fight poverty. 

  • Every time you buy at a local business, you tell the world your community is worth more than a big-box store sale. 
  • Every time you buy organic, you tell the world you want more farmers to grow healthy, safe food. 

  • Every time you buy from a business owned by women or people of color, you help build an inclusive economy. 

  • Every time you don’t buy something, you tell the world (and yourself) you don’t need more stuff to have a good life.

The bottom line to all this? Economic pressure for change is real. So, get out and vote - with your wallet!

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