Embracing Our Journey in 2023: Moments of Connection, Courage and Community

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In a year that presented challenges for so many, including the retail sector and communities worldwide, our journey in 2023 stands as a beacon of resilience, connection, and unwavering commitment to our core values. As we reflect on this year, it's not just about what we accomplished; it's about how we rose together, embracing each challenge with courage and a deep sense of community.

Fostering Deep Connections Amidst Adversity

This year, amid the challenges faced by retailers and individuals alike, the strength we found in our connections became our guiding light. Our founder, Giovanna, personally visited our artisan communities in Mexico and Guatemala, strengthening the ties that bind us. This heart-to-heart interaction with over 200 artisans around the globe has been more than just a visit; it was a reaffirmation of our commitment and a shared journey towards a brighter future. Together, we infused over $130,000 into these communities, a significant achievement that underscores our dedication to ethical fashion and empowering the artisans who are the very heartbeat of Lumily.

lumily founder giovanna with guatemalan artisan

 In these visits, the stories of resilience, hope, and unwavering spirit we encountered were deeply moving. Each artisan's smile, each crafted piece, tells a story of perseverance and triumph, reminding us of the impact we can create through genuine connections and shared goals. As we look back on this year, we are filled with a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility, inspired to continue our journey of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who bring Lumily’s vision to life. 

lumily founder giovanna with women artisans in guatemala

Courage in Education and Global Employment

Education, a beacon of hope in challenging times, remained a priority for us. We continued to support the education of 14 children in Guatemala and Mexico, ensuring the flame of learning and opportunity stayed alight. Our global team expanded, with 4 new members joining our family, reflecting our courage to grow and provide employment opportunities even in uncertain times.

Sustainability and Community: Our Pillars of Strength

Our journey towards sustainability marched forward with significant improvements in our inventory systems, aligning our practices with our eco-friendly goals. We also strengthened our ties with local communities through regular volunteering, a clear indicator of our commitment to making a positive impact not just through our products, but in every action we take.

As we look back on 2023, we are filled with gratitude and optimism. The challenges of the year made our achievements even more meaningful, showcasing the strength and positivity of the Lumily family. Your support, as our valued customers and partners, has been the driving force behind every step we've taken.

Looking Forward to a Bright Future

We head into the future with renewed energy and hope, ready to continue our journey of creating meaningful change through ethical fashion. Our story is one of triumph over adversity, of connections that grow stronger in the face of challenges, and of a community that stands together, no matter what. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we will continue to champion Good Fashion, Good Karma, making each year better than the last.

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