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At just 20 years old, Abigail stands out as one of Lumily's youngest and most talented artisan partners. Her remarkable craftsmanship and creativity shine through in our beloved wool animal collection, which she skillfully brings to life from her workshop.

The Art of Crafting Wool Animals

Abigail's journey into the world of artisanal crafts began under the guidance of family members who passed down their skills through generations. Today, she applies these age-old techniques with a fresh perspective to create each wool animal. The process is meticulous and rooted in tradition, involving spinning, dyeing, cutting, stuffing, and finally, embroidering the wool to give each animal its unique character and charm.

These wool animals are more than just toys; they are a testament to the skill and dedication involved in transforming simple wool into intricate, playful creatures. Each piece tells a story of cultural heritage blended with modern artistry, making them perfect for children and collectors alike.


Why Support Fair Trade?

By choosing to support fair trade products like Abigail's wool animals, you are not only acquiring a beautifully crafted item; you are also supporting ethical practices that empower artisans. Fair trade ensures that young artisans like Abigail receive fair compensation for their work, promoting sustainable living and community development.

This commitment to fair trade helps preserve traditional crafts and provides artisans with the resources they need to continue their art and support their families. It creates a cycle of positive impact that extends beyond the individual to the wider community.


Bring Home a Piece of Art

If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy and warmth to your home, or searching for a meaningful gift, look no further than our wool animal collection. Each animal is a soft, eco-friendly companion that brings a smile and a story into your living space.

Celebrate Best Friends Day by giving a gift that supports fair trade and embodies the spirit of friendship and care. Explore the collection and meet the charming characters brought to life by Abigail’s skilled hands. Shop our wool animal collection here.


Join us in supporting Abigail and artisans like her who are keeping traditional crafts alive while advancing ethical business practices. Your support makes a difference in their lives and ensures the continuation of a beautiful artistic heritage.

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