Meet the Artisan: Rebeca ♥

Meet Rebeca. ♡︎ I met her back when she was 11 years old and we partnered with her mom who makes the prettiest woven bracelets. When her mom retired and Rebeca was 18, she joined Lumily and is now our biggest supplier in Mexico. ♥⠀

But not only that, Rebeca, Francisco, Sara and Joel (their adorable kids), are now family. I was in their wedding years ago. I have seen these two beautiful children grow in Rebeca's belly, be born and grow into happy, independent, funny and smart little people. ♥⠀

So today, I wanted to share how grateful I am for the chance to work alongside Rebeca and her team and tell you all about them. ⠀

XOXO, Giovanna ⠀ ⠀

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