Amber Dangly Earrings - Mexico-Jewelry-Lumily
Amber Dangly Earrings - Mexico-Jewelry-Lumily
Simojovel Amber Waterfall Earrings - Mexico-Jewelry-Lumily

Simojovel Amber Waterfall Earrings - Mexico


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Meet our newest piece in our amber collection!  Made lovingly by our artisans in Mexico with an authentic pieces of amber.  Card includes the story of Amber and how to wear it.

Mexican amber is around 20 million years old and comes from Simojovel which is a small town in Chiapas, Mexico.  It is far more rare than Baltic amber and is naturally is found in warm honey, red and orange tones. 

Amber has long been considered a stone of protection. In southern Mexico and Central America local Mayans continue to wear it to ward off the evil eye. It is said to bring good luck and romance. Amber is known to draw out and clear bad energy/vibes while promoting a cheerful, sunny outlook.

Natural amber is a fossilized resin, and no two pieces are alike in shape and color. 

* 0.40" W x 1.75" H

* Made following Fair Trade guidelines

* Handmade in Thailand

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