BUNDLE: 3 Piece Bracelet with Beads & Bells (Golden/Silver)-Lumily-Lumily MZ Fair Trade Nena & Co Hiptipico Novica Lucia's World emporium

BUNDLE: 3 Piece Bracelet with Beads & Bells (Golden/Silver)


Regular price$28.00

For our wholesale customers, we present the "Bracelet with Beads & Bells Bundle" in Golden/Silver, a 3-pack collection meticulously crafted by Kannika in Thailand. This set features beautifully designed bracelets adorned with brass beads and delicate bells, offering a stunning blend of golden and silver hues. Ideal for adding an artisanal touch to any retail collection, these bracelets showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and unique style that resonate with customers seeking one-of-a-kind, global fashion pieces.

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